Frequently Asked Questions

What describes a typical patient?

Our typical patient is someone who has not been helped by any other means. Our success rate is very high. At only $50 per treatment, our prices are very reasonable. Relief should come within the first treatment. Occasionally, it takes two treatments to feel relief.

Can I continue my regular sports activities?

Yes. Take it easy, though, and wait 24 hours after the treatment before starting back up.

Can I exercise after the treatment?

Yes, 24 hours after the treatment.

Can I get in the hot tub or sauna after the treatment?

Yes, 24 hours after the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Usually, it takes two to four treatments spaced one week apart and then a repeat visit after a two-week break. After that, a visit whenever you are "broken" will suffice. You might consider visiting us approximately every four to six weeks for maintenance.

Why maintenance visits?

First of all, it keeps the body structurally balanced. These visits allow you to perform any function in life, such as sports, working, gardening, and any other physical activity during which your body requires fluidity of movement. Fluidity of movement requires perfect structural and muscular balance. This is the function of Bowen Therapy.

What if I feel 'icky'?

Drink more water and walk around. When we say water, we usually mean Mountain Spring™ or distilled water available in all grocery stores.

Why is fluidity of movement important?

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