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California's Leading Bowen Practitioner

Have you tried everything to relieve your body pain?
Are you yet to find an effective solution? Bowen Therapy is well-known for treating conditions that other methods aren't able to help. People from across the globe rely on us to treat a large variety of conditions, from sports injuries to migraines. Visit us today to start living a life free of pain.
Bowen Seminar!
If you are looking for a successful way to help friends or family or if you are looking to add this incredibly effective alternative modality to your professional resume. Consider attending our Bowen Basic Seminar February 15-18, 2018. Albert LaShell will teach you how Bowen Therapy works, why it works, and what you need to do to make it work at its best. Albert helped set up the first Bowen Therapy Seminar in America in 1989. He has been teaching Bowen Therapy since 1993 so he knows Bowen Therapy well and has been a Bowen Therapy practitioner since 1989.

The seminar will be taught from 9-5 for the four days in our office on Coyle Avenue. Please contact us if you are thinking of joining us. We will be happy to see you!
About Us
Albert J. LaShell Bowen Therapy, located in Sacramento, California, specializes in providing pain relief by using the Bowen Technique. This revolutionary healing method is effective for easing pain caused by back and shoulder problems, muscle problems, car accidents, industrial injuries, minor injuries, and much more. Whether the injury is new or old, Bowen Therapy is a trusted solution for relieving pain. It has even been known to treat 'mystery conditions' that have never been successfully diagnosed or treated.
Albert J. LaShell Bowen Therapy
Our founder, Mr. LaShell, has more than three decades of professional experience. He realized his passion for Bowen Therapy when it first came to America from Australia more than 30 years ago. Mr. LaShell was always interested in helping people. The effectiveness of the Bowen Technique allows him to do just that. Nothing makes him happier than seeing his patients' sense of relief when their pain disappears. His success rate is very high. In fact, the vast majority of patients experience significant relief within a very short period of one or two treatments!
We're committed to offering our clients exceptional and friendly customer service, while simultaneously easing the stress that pain creates. We work on practically any body part that is causing you pain. If it hurts, don't hesitate to call us!
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